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Mockingjay Part 1, Characters + Promotional Images

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It looks like they are talking about their real-life relationship, just look at this: 

Josh told Jen that he loves her and Jen sometimes looks like she really loves him too, but then she dates Nicholas, and thats why Josh is like comparing himself to Peeta, because he feels like she is just acting. Then Jen defends herself that it was’t so simple, that she can’t just brake up with Nick. And then Josh looks taken aback, like he wanted to add something but stops himself because they’re in an interview, and they both look stressed. And Jen is like ‘god we’ve talked about it. I love you Josh and you know it, but we can’t let the world know”  

Also how Josh starts to fiddle with his water bottle and how Jen is drawing patterns on her leg. Those are nervous ticks and they both know they are tredding on this ice with this conversation. 

That’s why I can’t see them as friends, even as best friends. It was like their only option for the time being, since they couldn’t really get together.

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