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I FOUND THE MOUSE! It’s currently living down in the cupboard thing where my heater is- probably enjoys the warmth- seems to have been there for at least a day, judging by the sounds I heard down there yesterday.

For now, I’ve left it a little bottle cap filled with water, and another with some…

Are you talking about a wild mouse?! That’s FAR different from pet mice care.


My mouse has lice pretty bad but none of the vets around here will take him for treatment…any ideas for home remedies? The iver-on solution topical treatment scares me :( I don’t like the idea of putting that on my little guy. 

Got this from a trusted website - 

-Do a thorough cleaning of all tanks, toys and items. 
-Throw out all paper, and boil all wood (wait until completely dry before giving back). 
-Bake all unused bedding at 200 degrees F for at least 2 hours before returning to he tank. Put any left over unused baked bedding in a sealed container, like a Sterilyte bin or something of the storage-bin variety to seal it for future use. 
-Treat all mice you suspect of Lice with Ivermectin solution according to these these directions: http://www.thefunmouse.com/info/hair-loss.cfm#treatment This treatment will easily cover all mice with lots and lots left over. Good thing the stuff keeps well! 
-Wash hands before and after dealing with all mice/colonies.

The solution “Iver-On” mentioned in this article is however no longer being made. Go to your local farm/feed/tractor store that caters to folks with large animals and ask for any cattle POUR-ON that has 5ML Ivermectin in it. The shop people should be able to help you get it…get the smallest bottle (250ML).

I need to stop reliving the past of high school and appreciate my present now. College isn’t great, but I’m getting top marks in acting, I own 4 great mice and while the restaurant sucks to work, it’s almost 2 years and I’m a good reliable hostess. Not to mention I’m really growing as an adult.

Why do I fail to see those things?

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